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Npower Tech
NPower Tech for Software Developers

Because of the lack of man power in the Nigerian ICT industry, the Npower tech for developers was introduced to empower 10,000 Nigerian software developers into the Information and Communications industry.
This program is aimed at training, equipping, and positioning 10,000 Nigerian youths from various parts of the country for the local and international software market.
The Npower tech teaches these young Nigerians the basics of software development and this program has a duration of 11 weeks.
It also aims at training these candidates in such a way that they can survive the competition in this industry. Though, we lack software developing specialists in this country, the competition comes in the form of level of experience and expertise.

Npower Tech 2018 Requirement

  • Applicant are preferably Unemployed graduate or unemployed non-graduate: Because this program was formed to empower the Nigerian youth, they prefer recruiting unemployed individuals so that they too can learn a vocation which can help them sustain theirselves
  • All applicants must fall between 18-35 years of age: There is no sex limitation for N-power, but there is an age limitation. All applicants are expected to fall within the range of 18 to 35 years old. Applicants that are below the minimum age or above the maximum age requirement are not eligible for this job recruitment
  • Aspirants should have good problem solving skills: Everything about software programming goes down to solving a problem. It is preferred that aspirants have a good problem solving skill because this will make their training process easier for both the tutors and the Npower shortlisted candidates (recruited candidates)
  • Must have the zeal to learn not just in class, but by themselves too through research etc.
  • Analytical
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Npower Tech job opportunities

There are so many areas of Npower tech deployment, some of which are;
  • Web development: With the present technological advancements, so many businesses need an online presence and how can they archive this? The answer is by creating a website of their own. Mind you, there are million of business out there that in the nearest future, might want to join the internet community. For this, Npower tech decided to train young individuals in this field who are learned enough to provide effective solutions in the web development industry.
  • App development
  • Game Development
  • Computer software development
  • Software testing
  • Programming tutor
Do you wish to apply for the Npower? Checkout our post on the Npower online registration 2018.
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